The Songwriter's Guide to Mastering Co-Writing Book

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The Songwriter's Guide to Mastering Co-Writing Book

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Title: The Songwriter's Guide to Mastering Co-Writing: Real Pros Sharing Real Techniques
Authors: Marty Dodson, Clay Mills & Bill O'Hanlon
Description: Have you ever wondered why many of the biggest songs in history were co-written?
Have you thought about co-writing but aren't sure how to get started?
Have you struggled to figure out how to market yourself as a potential co-writer?
Do you long for that perfect co-writer to help you take your songs to the next level?
Have you ever wondered WHY hit songwriters co-write almost exclusively?


The Songwriters Guide To Mastering Co-Writing will help you:
* Identify your strengths as a collaborator
* Learn how to handle co-writing issues that arise
* Discover new co-writing possibilities
* Elevate your writing by creating the perfect co-writing combinations
* Eliminate your writing weaknesses and increase your chances of success
* Come out with the best song possible in co-writing sessions